Információtartalom vázlata

  • Beszéljen felettesével és soroljon érveket, hogy miért nem tud elmenni!
  • Végül egyezzen bele a részvételbe, de kérjen két nap szabadságot a képzés utánra!
  • Mr./Mrs/Ms. ________________. You must attend a sales course at the weekend.
  • Oh really? I’m afraid that I cannot make it this weekend. Actually, we wanted to go on a picnic with my family.
  • I see, but you can go on a picnic next weekend, too. However, attendace is obligatory.
  • Oh no, please. We also planned to go to the cinema. We have already purchased the tickets. What shall I do?
  • Why don’t you give the tickets to one of your fiends?  
  • That’s a good idea! Ok! But then I would like 2 days off  next week if it’s possible.
  • Sure. No worries. You’ll get them.